From Vegas to the Valley of Death

My adventure in the desert began with an early flight to Las Vegas, arriving just after 10am, which would allow me to get a rental car, and quickly head West to Death Valley, or so I thought. The rental car was not where it was supposed to be, as the agency screwed up my reservation, as rental companies tend to do. Apparently, "pick up at the airport" means something different down here. By the time I got my Hyundai Santa Fe (I had considered going to New Mexico on this trip, maybe next time...), and after a quick stop at Whole Foods, I was finally heading out of town just after noon. Oh, and Whole Foods is even more expensive down here! Next time, Trader Joe's...

The drive through Red Rock Canyon was beautiful, with rapidly changing scenery, as the clouds were quickly moving across the sky, creating a whole new composition at every turn in the road. The views were just a teaser for what was to come in Death Valley. I had hoped to make it to Zabriskie Point for the sunset, but didn't quite manage it, and had to settle for a sunset over an unknown ridge just outside of Shoshone. I did manage to take a few shots, including this panorama, merged from 4 vertical shots taken quickly before the light faded any further.

With the many photo opportunities came frequent stops, so I didn't arrive at my motel until about 8pm. More to come...


Leaving Las Vegas...

Zabriskie Point West

A little more rain than usual in DV

Zabriskie Point East

Some people were sampling stones from the hillside

They didn't have any rooms. I checked.

First sunset in the desert