The Kinsol Trestle

It was almost sunset on another crisp, cold day, like many we've had so far this winter, so I grabbed my camera and set out, knowing I didn't have much time before the sun went down. Running through the options in my head, I decided on the Kinsol Trestle, thinking I should be able to get there in time for the last rays of light. Not quite. I managed a few photos before the warm light was gone, and then decided to descend to the Koksilah River below and check out the ice.

By the time I got set up, light was fading fast, which made it easy to smooth out the water with long exposures. I spent some time trying a few different compositions, after which it was nearly dark. I tried using the light from my phone to fill in the foreground a bit during the final few 25 second exposures, which worked quite well. I've been taking too many photos lately to spend much time processing them, so I've just posted a few quick examples below. I did spend a few minutes with a b/w treatment on the final shot, which suits the mood nicely. 

Thanks for looking.